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Citizens of Heaven – Part 3

Citizens of Heaven – Part 3  –  This section is Paul’s final thoughts for helping the Philippian Church focus on the most important areas of their faith. I can think of many other important concepts that Paul could have chosen to mention. However, he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to leave the Church with the following list, which captures the heart of everyday life and service to God and others. So much victory happens when we give attention to these priorities:

  • Work through disagreements quickly: Paul calls out two ministers in the Church who were living in a long-term disagreement or standoff. He tells them to settle it.
  • Make joy a priority
  • Be so unselfish that others recognize  it
  • Pray about everything
  • Fix your thoughts on His things
  • Learn to be content
  • Stand out in your generosity
River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
Citizens of Heaven – Part 3