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life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ

Sermons on Character of Christ

An Introduction to Motives

An Introduction to Motives –  God is interested in getting to the motives of His people. He doesn’t like the times we imitate or perform for our own benefit and opportunity.  God is transforming a bride without spot or blemish. He loves purity and blamelessness. Our motives matter in all forms of ministry and relationship.…

Self-confident or God-confident?

God, let us draw close to You; as You long to draw close to us. Holy Spirit, teach us follow Your leading, guard our hearts so that we do not criticize or judge others. Jesus, may we follow Your example in always seeking the Father’s will and not doing things on our own.

The Blessing of Others

The Blessing of Others – Often the believers who face or have faced difficult challenges tend to have experiential revelation of God’s provision, peace, and sacrificial love. Yet these are often the people the Church marginalizes. When we show preference for certain types of people, we risk missing out on the blessing of their strengths…

God’s Persistent Work

God’s Persistent Work – There are things in this life that are more threatening than the challenges of life and the attacks of the enemy, such as pride, laziness, indiscipline, or faithless living. God is using the pressures of life to force faith-engagement to defects to fully development into wholeness and maturity. God’s desire is…