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Sermons on Galations


Control —  God does not dominate or control people, even though it is within His power to do so. Wherever and on whomever the Holy Spirit dwells, He is working toward our continued freedom. The broken nature of mankind is riddled with the need to control. However, our need to control occurs when we are…

Citizens of Heaven – Part 3

Citizens of Heaven – Part 3  –  This section is Paul’s final thoughts for helping the Philippian Church focus on the most important areas of their faith. I can think of many other important concepts that Paul could have chosen to mention. However, he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to leave the Church with…

Confront Like Jesus

In this sermon, Kevin discusses how we are meant to confront each other according to Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 18. Confrontation may not be enjoyable, but is a necessary step toward reconciliation and forgiveness. without confrontation we are at risk of harboring bitterness against another person and concealing the truth of how we feel when…