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Treasuring the One Who Treasures Us

Treasuring the One Who Treasures Us – Only needs can frame situations where we can learn to praise when it is hard, seek God in our weakness, face our wishy-washy beliefs about Him, grapple with our triggers, pray for change, and dream about and crave our eternal reward. It drives us toward Jesus. The magic in God’s plan is that we change culture by demonstrating victory over battles that the world is stuck in. He chose to love us, to wake our hearts to life, and to show us off as HIS PRIZE POSSESSION. Don’t count on wealth. Don’t value it as most important. This life is not your home. Part of our mission on this earth is to patiently endure hard things before a watching world, while keeping our eyes on the GREATER PRIZE which is Jesus Himself.

River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
Treasuring the One Who Treasures Us