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life-transforming and community-
impacting relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Like-Minded Family of God

The Like-Minded Family of God   –  God’s heart for His family is that we work well together and share a likeminded approach in purpose and love. Having the heart and attitude of Jesus means we must walk in humility as we look out for the interests of others. We are commanded to work hard toward this goal, as God performs the work in us. He gives us the desire and power; and we are not to grow accustomed to resisting it. As we walk out the commands Paul had given in this letter, we are reminded that the church must hold to the word of life. The Bible must set the standard for our behavior and interpersonal relationships. If we drift from it, we fall into relationship models that sound well, but fall short of God’s miraculous plan to knit hearts by the Holy Spirit. In the end, our faithful service to our relationships in the Body of Christ is an offering to God. To is more than obedience. It is a blessing to Him.

River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
The Like-Minded Family of God