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The Holy Spirit Adopts Us – Part 2

The Holy Spirit Adopts Us – The Holy Spirit breaks the power of sin over a believer. Along with destroying the enslavement of sin, He breaks through the guilt, condemnation, and curse that habitually accompany it. We learn to surrender places where sin controls us, as we learn to replace those needy areas with comfort, peace, joy, security, hope, and rest Jesus has to offer us. He replaces our servitude to sin with a lifestyle of service to Jesus. In His service, we find purpose, life, freedom, and good fruit that will last forever. Jesus promises to complete the work He started in us. This means that we will continue to experience freedom as we surrender the areas where sin clings on as a security or source of gratification. As children of God, the Holy Spirit reaffirms that we are His children and causes us to invest ourselves into the Father’s business as heirs. This gives us purpose, destiny, freedom, hope, and good fruit.

River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
The Holy Spirit Adopts Us - Part 2