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Seeking Wisdom from the One in Control – Part 2

Seeking Wisdom from the One in Control —  God generously gives wisdom to those who ask. He is pleased to give us Wisdom. He doesn’t require us to climb an impossible mountain to talk to a guru. When we first came to Christ, we were given a supernatural wisdom to understand an otherwise foolish message. Our go-forward behavior should be to live by the same miraculous wisdom. God’s wisdom may appear as information or direction you had not previously known. It may simply be observed through obedience, even when you don’t understand or want to obey. God’s wisdom may be revelation that might take time to fully process in your mind. In this case, your heart will burn at the truth encountered. In this case, follow the burning of your heart. The understanding comes quickly afterward.

River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
Seeking Wisdom from the One in Control - Part 2