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Psalm 33: Deliverance

Psalm 33: Deliverance – God is a deliverer by character and nature. He is consistent and His love is steadfast. Psalm 33 reconnects us with God’s heart and passion for deliverance in a package and expression of worship. Worship is the believer’s response to trusting in God’s deliverance. If you have zero appetite to engage the Lord in worship and praise in any way, then you need to ask yourself why. When we remind ourselves about the way God frustrates our opposition and accepts us unconditionally, we prepare the way for our hearts to trust Him and receive His mercy. After all receiving God’s mercy and provision means letting go of all of our plans and independence, and that ability is facilitated by the heart that still stands in awe of His heart, consistency, trustworthiness, and help.

River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
Psalm 33: Deliverance