Immersing people in a vibrant,
life-transforming and community-
impacting relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here’s the Plan … Hike!

Here’s the Plan… Hike! — We are part of God’s master plan. He doesn’t waste any opportunity, event, or trial in your life. We progress through God’s plan for us from start to finish by Faith beginning with adoption and leading to life, which causes us to praise and glorify Christ. Our infatuation with the incredible worth of Jesus helps people understand what they otherwise cannot see in Him. Throughout our lifetime, we are meant to seek God for wisdom and insight to grow in our knowledge of Him. As we know God, we become like Him. We were called to grow in hope and power as we take on the nature and character of our Heavenly Father and fill all things within our influence with God’s presence. We have been given the amazing opportunity to be blessed by God’s plan and to be a part of His plan to bless others.

River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
Here’s the Plan … Hike!