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Grace for Contentment

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to electrical issues on 9/16/18, the sermon was cut short after 22 minutes.

Grace for Contentment – Some people consciously or unconsciously see godliness as a way to earn blessing, wealth, and promotion. Various forms of giving-to-get originate from a striving heart, one that is crying out for approval rather than living in sonship and resting in the finished work of Christ. In some instances, the outward action may look the same because the nuance is subtle. But it colors every area of one’s life. God desires His people to be content. As in every other weakness, God provides grace. He gives a grace to be content, as an invitation to run to Him and to know Him in our hungriest and emptiest places. God’s refinement process is meant to take us from glory to glory, from good to great. He isn’t interested in controlling us. He just doesn’t want our pursuits to control us.

River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
Grace for Contentment