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Sermons on Peace

Grace for Contentment

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to electrical issues on 9/16/18, the sermon was cut short after 22 minutes. Grace for Contentment – Some people consciously or unconsciously see godliness as a way to earn blessing, wealth, and promotion. Various forms of giving-to-get originate from a striving heart, one that is crying out for approval rather than living…

The Open Face of God – Part 2

The Open Face of God – Part 2 — God speaks to His people. From the beginning of creation, we can see that He has been a God of communication. It is a common lie among believers that it is difficult to hear the voice of God. We become frustrated when we do not hear…

Psalm 91: God’s Heart

Psalm 91: God’s Heart — Psalm 91 is first and foremost an invitation to intimacy with God. Satan himself misquoted/abused Psalm 91, to manipulate Jesus away from intamacy with the Father and toward legalistic thinking. Why should we expect any different experience? The promises of Psalm 91 come from God’s heart, they are often eternally…