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Sermons on Holiness

The Spirit Leads Our Prayers

The Spirit Leads Our Prayers —  Prayer and faith are not a formula. Do we ever copy other people’s prayer styles or accept their perspective of God’s will simply because we have failed to experientially developed our own? Is the world affecting our prayer life instead of the other way around? Are we surrendered to…

What Jesus is Doing on the Earth? Part 2

What Jesus is Doing on the Earth – Part 2  —  Jesus is training His people not to resist Him. He is leading the charge with the blessing of repentance among both the godly and ungodly alike. He wants nothing to stand between us and Him. He gives His people a lifestyle of hearing His…

God’s Design for Holiness

God’s Design for Holiness — This sermon discusses how we draw closer to God through repentance. Are you tired from a season of spiritual drought and famine? Have you recently told Jesus that He can have every part of you, including your secrets, insecurities, habits, and deepest fears? God is a God of resurrection power. He…