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impacting relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sermons on Breakthrough

Resistance and Pressing Through

Resistance and Pressing Through —  God deeply desires to impact communities through those willing to partner with Him. However, there will typically be resistance to those willing to seek such an impact. In fact, the church itself may at times resist a move of God. Understand that the pursuit God’s Kingdom is messy and offers…

Wholehearted Prayer and Fasting – Part 2

Chris continiues the discusion on wholehearted prayer and fasting with a look into the lifestyle of fasting that Daniel exhibited throughout key moments of his life. Daniel recognized that God alone is the source of all power and wisdom. In a wonderful way, God, in his grace, will not only reveal things to us, but…

Wholehearted Prayer and Fasting

Wholehearted Prayer and Fasting —  The Holy Spirit teaches us to pray and is in-sync with the Father’s will. The Holy Spirit shows us where the Bible should shape our prayers, just as the Bible has the power to shape our thoughts and perspectives. He leads us into fasting so that we can affect lasting…