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Sermons on Revival / Renewal

Loyalty Between God and the World

Loyalty Between God and the World  – James loved the church and spent much of his letter warning them about having a loyalty to the things of this world that outranked their loyalty to God. The pursuit, attainment, and protection of wealth is a never-ending cycle that can consume the heart and become a cancer…

Pursuing Your Renewing

Pursuing Your Renewing — The people of God tend to be tempted with the urge to handle their challenges in their own strength, without prayers seated in seeking, surrender, faith, and obedience. This temptation was experienced by people throughout throughout Scripture. So, one could say that it is a normal part of earthly thinking. However, we were…

Speak Like Jesus

Speak Like Jesus — In this sermon, Kevin reminds us that we are to be like Jesus in the use of our words. God’s heart for mercy, freedom, and our good extends to our expressions. Death and life are in the power of our words, and we were meant to choose life.

Colossians 3: Transformation and Renewal

Colossians 3: Transformation and Renewal– Transformation and renewalis a lifetime-process, not a single event.The pursuit of Christ bears the fruit of repentance throughout the lifetime-process of renewal. This renewal progressively takes place as we learn to know Him.Renewal and transformation benefits others and is observed in the way we treat and encourage others.

Preamble: Returning to Your First Love

Preamble: Returning to Your First Love — As a preamble to the concepts of transformation and renewal described within Colossians 3, we have a frank discussion about repentance and ensuring that we approach Jesus as our first love. See Revelation 2:2-5.