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Power for Patience. Joy in Struggle. Part 2

Power for Patience. Joy in Struggle. Part 2 —   Marriage was strongly emphasized by the Holy Spirit in this service. River of Life spent a portion of the service collectively interceeding that God would build and strengthen marriages within the church and community. We are called to have staying-power in simple trust in Who…

Abiding in Christ at Home

Abiding in Christ at Home — The Most Epic  New Testament challenge found in Ephesians 5 is unpacked in a discussion about marriage and family. God has a humongous heart for marriage and family, and expects our encounters in His presence to make a noticeable impact on the way we interact with our spouse, parents,…

For Better or for Worse

Chris Burger leads the discussion from Ephesians regarding God’s heart for marriage. This includes the way individuals submit themselves to their mates and give each other love and respect out of reverence for God.

Productive in All Cases – Part 2

Productive in All Cases – Part 2 — We were made to respond to the Lord by holding tightly to what we know is true about His love and intentions for us. This ability to maintain a firm grip on His character and to abide in Jesus in all situations is critical to being productive…