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"God's plans" Tagged Sermons

Designed with Purpose

Designed with Purpose — We are God’s masterpiece, designed with an pre-intended purpose or role.We are given status of native within God’s family, with access to Him, His promises, and His freedom as is witnessed throughout the entire Bible. As natives of God’s family, with open relationship to God our Father, we host the Holy…

New Life, New Purpose

New Life, New Purpose — We are part of God’s master plan. He doesn’t waste any opportunity, event, or trial in your life. We progress through God’s plan for us from start to finish by Faith beginning with adoption and leading to life, which causes us to praise and glorify Christ. We have been set…

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together — It gives God great pleasure to grow, mature, develop, and refine his children.He chose us before we knew Him, and He is passionate about making us like Him and sharing His glory with us as an inheritance. Because of the Holy Spirit, we are more free…