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Sermons on Judges

God’s Persistent Work

God’s Persistent Work – There are things in this life that are more threatening than the challenges of life and the attacks of the enemy, such as pride, laziness, indiscipline, or faithless living. God is using the pressures of life to force faith-engagement to defects to fully development into wholeness and maturity. God’s desire is…

Positioned for More – Part 2

Positioned for More – Part 2 – Seasons of blessing, increase, and Kingdom-advancement are preceded by seasons of God’s people positioning themselves to receive. The season begins with prayer and matures with radical obedience and laying down the things that compete with our affection for God. This prayer for more blessing and victory is not…

A Discussion About More

A Discussion About More – God expects His people to live by faith and to grow in faith. God has placed within all hearts the desire to grow, achieve, and pursue greatness within the scope of their environments. Such desires are healthy and God-given. Jesus never told His disciples to deny themselves of these pursuits.…