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Sermons on Jonah

Surfacing Anger and Disappointment

Surfacing Anger and Disappointment – God had an eternal plan that was contrary to Jonah’s emotional needs. God allowed circumstances and events to bring to surface Jonah’s lingering anger and disappointment toward the Father. However, even with a bad attitude, God blessed Jonah and took care of Him. God will build our trust in Him as…

God’s Design for Holiness

God’s Design for Holiness — This sermon discusses how we draw closer to God through repentance. Are you tired from a season of spiritual drought and famine? Have you recently told Jesus that He can have every part of you, including your secrets, insecurities, habits, and deepest fears? God is a God of resurrection power. He…

What Are You Running From?

What Are You Running From? – God refines what is precious to Him. You are precious to Him. We naturally run from the things that stretch us and make us uncomfortable or vulnerable. God uses these things to refine us. Sometimes we run from God because we know He will not refine us in a…