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Sermons on Jeremiah

What Jesus is Doing on the Earth? Part 2

What Jesus is Doing on the Earth – Part 2  —  Jesus is training His people not to resist Him. He is leading the charge with the blessing of repentance among both the godly and ungodly alike. He wants nothing to stand between us and Him. He gives His people a lifestyle of hearing His…

What Are You Running From?

What Are You Running From? – God refines what is precious to Him. You are precious to Him. We naturally run from the things that stretch us and make us uncomfortable or vulnerable. God uses these things to refine us. Sometimes we run from God because we know He will not refine us in a…

Spring Up Oh Well

Spring Up Oh Well — Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as a life-giving spring inside of us that becomes life. The Holy Spirit gives us hope in despair, a song in our hearts, His voice, and direction. Sometimes we fail to experience that life-giving spring, but it can be discouraging and unclear why. The…