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Sermons on I John

Psalm 32: Repentance

Psalm 32: Repentance — From the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, even before choosing His disciples, Jesus taught the importance of repentance. Before true confession can occur, we must stop trying to hide or justify sin from the Lord. True repentance is to recognize, admit, and turn from sin. It is walking in the light.…

He Made a Way. He is the Way.

He Made a Way. He is the Way. — Happy Resurrection Sunday! In this sermon the church celebrated the amazing gift Jesus is to the people of God. We bragged about His love for the world and the great lengths with which He showed it. We talked about letting go of distractions regarding Christ, which lead…

The Gift of Discernment of Spirits

The Gift of Discernment of Spirits — This sermon discusses what discernment of spirits is and how believers can experience t his grace in their lives. Sometimes we can confuse God’s will with our own. But Jesus gave us His Spirit to help us know  God’s heart and will as we seek Him.