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Sermons on I Corinithians

Fill Me, Holy Spirit

Fill Me, Holy Spirit  —  God gives us the Holy Spirit when we accept Christ with faith. God desires to progressively reveal more of Himself to us. And He wants for us to desire more of Him. Scripture shows several times when God filled His disciples with the Holy Spirit more deeply, leading to more…

Confront Like Jesus

In this sermon, Kevin discusses how we are meant to confront each other according to Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 18. Confrontation may not be enjoyable, but is a necessary step toward reconciliation and forgiveness. without confrontation we are at risk of harboring bitterness against another person and concealing the truth of how we feel when…

The Open Face of God – Part 2

The Open Face of God – Part 2 — God speaks to His people. From the beginning of creation, we can see that He has been a God of communication. It is a common lie among believers that it is difficult to hear the voice of God. We become frustrated when we do not hear…