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Sermons on Acts

Gifts of the Spirit: Cultivating the Ecosystem

Cultivating the Ecosystem — The church as a whole needs to increase its effort to cultivate a CULTURE or ECOSYSTEM of the gifts of the Spirit intentionally and with personal investment. We need to seek and ask for spiritual gifts, not put it on God to do it whenever He is ready.People who break down…

The Gift of Healing

The Gift of Healing — The church needs an infusion of willing people to facilitate a culture with the grace to heal. We need to confront our unbelief rather than justify or rationalize it. Throughout the Bible God used healing to demonstrate the power behind what was being publically preached. Jesus is willing and able…

The Gift of Discernment of Spirits

The Gift of Discernment of Spirits — This sermon discusses what discernment of spirits is and how believers can experience t his grace in their lives. Sometimes we can confuse God’s will with our own. But Jesus gave us His Spirit to help us know  God’s heart and will as we seek Him. 

The Gift of Tongues and Interpretation

The Gift of Tongues and Interpretation — Tongues is the grace to speak in another language, whether a heavenly language or a natural language. The Holy Spirit also empowers believers with the gift of interpretation of tongues, the grace to interpret an otherwise unknown language for those who do not understand what is being said.…