Posted by Amanda Helmig

Well, it’s been a busy summer at River of Life but many of our Ladies have been so dedicated and faithful to continue our study of the book of James by Beth Moore!

We wrapped up another week of Mercy Triumph’s with Beth Moore in Session 6 which included more compelling insight to the word of God. This session left no hiding places in our hearts from the Holy Spirit as we  examined ourselves and how we battle temptations to: judge others, be friends with the world, self-entitlement, or slander and fighting with other brothers and sisters – ouch!
Thankfully, James didn’t leave us hanging on just those words – he reminded us that as we submit ourselves to God, HE GIVES GREATER GRACE! He also reminds us our life is a vapor and God is the one who holds the real plan for our lives. Our lives are not our own and we do not know what each day will bring. But, He willed to give us today another day of breath so make it count as we pursue what matters most – the presence of the Most Holy God!
Our God is so good and His word is EVER ALIVE – transforming each of us as we pursue Him.
I thank our Lord often for each and every one of you and especially for your contribution to our Ladies Ministry and the Body of Christ!