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Christianity 103: Holiness in Wholehearted Love

Christianity 103: Holiness in Wholehearted Love —  Scripture reminds us that holiness is the key to SEEING the Lord. How often do we miss Him or fail to see what He is doing around us? There is provision in this life to know the Father, to see Him rightly, and to live in close relationship with Him, wholeheartedly, unhindered by sin, guilt, and a struggling conscience. The Church often focuses on a holiness that is driven by obligation, religion, and pressure to follow rules and norms of that Christian subculture. We will focus on the holiness that is driven by cherishing the love-connection that we have with the Father and giving everything to maintaining the purity of that connection. God burns with a fire of passionate jealousy for our hearts. He will shake everything that can be shaken, because He doesn’t want for us to rely on shakable things and miss out on the wholehearted experience of the unshakeable.