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Christianity 102: Watch and Work

Christianity 102: Watch and Work — The Holy Spirit can speak to us through our conscience, convicting us when we sin and comforting us when we doubt. In 1 Timothy, Paul encourages Timothy to focus on what matters, Godliness or Christlikeness.  He counceled that Timothy should avoid issues that really don’t matter. He should not be distracted by things that would pull him away from hearing the Spirit’s voice.  The obvious might be godless ideas, the world’s way of doing things.  Less obvious would be “old wives tales”, or “silly stories” that captivate the attention of ou culture.  These are things that can take much of our time and effort but really do not produce any Spiritual growth. It is so important that the message we speak be reinforced by the life we live.  We should whole heartedly throw ourselves into our daily tasks to bring glory and honor to God.

River of Life Church: Amherst, NH
Christianity 102: Watch and Work