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Sermons from February 2019

The Blessing of Others

The Blessing of Others – Often the believers who face or have faced difficult challenges tend to have experiential revelation of God’s provision, peace, and sacrificial love. Yet these are often the people the Church marginalizes. When we show preference for certain types of people, we risk missing out on the blessing of their strengths…

Treasuring the One Who Treasures Us

Treasuring the One Who Treasures Us – Only needs can frame situations where we can learn to praise when it is hard, seek God in our weakness, face our wishy-washy beliefs about Him, grapple with our triggers, pray for change, and dream about and crave our eternal reward. It drives us toward Jesus. The magic…

God’s Persistent Work

God’s Persistent Work – There are things in this life that are more threatening than the challenges of life and the attacks of the enemy, such as pride, laziness, indiscipline, or faithless living. God is using the pressures of life to force faith-engagement to defects to fully development into wholeness and maturity. God’s desire is…