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impacting relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sermons from April 2018

The Open Face of God

The Open Face of God — God speaks to His people. From the beginning of creation, we can see that He has been a God of communication. It is a common lie among believers that it is difficult to hear the voice of God. We become frustrated when we do not hear God, but our…


In this sermon, Chris talks about rediscovering ones dependence upon God, and the daily pursuit of His presence. Far too often, we try to face life in our own strength, while the Lord has designed us to face the challenges of life through Him and to produce fruit through the Holy Spirit within us.

Christ in Us, the Hope of Glory

Christ in Us, the Hope of Glory – As we have recently discussed, we are to live and worship out of HOPE, the environment of anticipation, expectation, or confidence in God’s power. This also means that we are to have full faith and expectation when others pray for us, and we pray for them. We…

He Made a Way. He is the Way.

He Made a Way. He is the Way. — Happy Resurrection Sunday! In this sermon the church celebrated the amazing gift Jesus is to the people of God. We bragged about His love for the world and the great lengths with which He showed it. We talked about letting go of distractions regarding Christ, which lead…