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Grace for Contentment

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to electrical issues on 9/16/18, the sermon was cut short after 22 minutes. Grace for Contentment – Some people consciously or unconsciously see godliness as a way to earn blessing, wealth, and promotion. Various forms of giving-to-get originate from a striving heart, one that is crying out for approval rather than living…

Psalm 32: Repentance

Psalm 32: Repentance — From the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, even before choosing His disciples, Jesus taught the importance of repentance. Before true confession can occur, we must stop trying to hide or justify sin from the Lord. True repentance is to recognize, admit, and turn from sin. It is walking in the light.…

Spring Up Oh Well

Spring Up Oh Well — Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as a life-giving spring inside of us that becomes life. The Holy Spirit gives us hope in despair, a song in our hearts, His voice, and direction. Sometimes we fail to experience that life-giving spring, but it can be discouraging and unclear why. The…