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Sermons by Kevin Helmig

Passing the Test

Passing the Test – Testing is a part of God’s refining process. It reminds of our need for God and pushes us to greater levels of dependence upon Him. Testing is also a season where the enemy determines if your fresh commitment to God is serious. He will try to find breaks in your breakthrough.…

In All Humility

In All Humility — In this sermon Kevin discusses God’s plan, purpose, and expectation for humility in His people. Jesus modeled perfect humility, as He came to serve not to be served. This sermon also covers the story of Namaan the leper. God used many details of the process of Namaan’s healing to bring not…

Confront Like Jesus

In this sermon, Kevin discusses how we are meant to confront each other according to Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 18. Confrontation may not be enjoyable, but is a necessary step toward reconciliation and forgiveness. without confrontation we are at risk of harboring bitterness against another person and concealing the truth of how we feel when…

Speak Like Jesus

Speak Like Jesus — In this sermon, Kevin reminds us that we are to be like Jesus in the use of our words. God’s heart for mercy, freedom, and our good extends to our expressions. Death and life are in the power of our words, and we were meant to choose life.

The Gift of Discernment of Spirits

The Gift of Discernment of Spirits — This sermon discusses what discernment of spirits is and how believers can experience t his grace in their lives. Sometimes we can confuse God’s will with our own. But Jesus gave us His Spirit to help us know  God’s heart and will as we seek Him.