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Sermons by Chris Burger (Page 2)

Remaining Hungry

Remaining Hungry — This sermon discusses how believers may experience seasons of indifference and apathy to the will and voice of the Holy Spirit. In such cases, believers need to rediscover their need and desire for intimacy with Jesus. The beginning of the process is repentance and seeking the Holy Spirit for refinement.


In this sermon, Chris talks about rediscovering ones dependence upon God, and the daily pursuit of His presence. Far too often, we try to face life in our own strength, while the Lord has designed us to face the challenges of life through Him and to produce fruit through the Holy Spirit within us.

The Gifts: Various, Different, Diverse

The Gifts: Various, Different, Diverse — A unique look at the many ways the Holy Spirit can use believers through His grace: 1 Corinthians 12:4-10 There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all. There are different kinds of service, but we serve the same Lord. God…

God’s Power: One Spirit, One Love

In this sermon, Chris discusses the doctrinal limitations he broke free from regarding Scripture and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He discusses that it is biblical to eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially those that would be most helpful within the Body of Christ. He also covers that God’s plan for believers to truly love…

A Life Of Service & Submission

A Life Of Service & Submission — Chris opens the Daniel series with a discussion about the historical context of the book of Daniel and an examination of chapter 1. What can we learn from Daniel’s heart during the beginning of his captivity?  From this chapter we see that: Daniel had a PURPOSE Daniel was…

For Better or for Worse

Chris Burger leads the discussion from Ephesians regarding God’s heart for marriage. This includes the way individuals submit themselves to their mates and give each other love and respect out of reverence for God.

Nehemiah: A Life Interrupted

Nehemiah: A Life Interrupted — Nehemiah’s life was interpurpted by God’s calling. This calling caused Nehemiah to repent from selfihsness and pursue the purpose God had in store for him. Nehemiah’s call lead him to: take action share work with others prepare for God’s intervention Nehemiah’s conflict lead him to partner with others and overcome…